[Politics] Don’t Resign!

Pak Lah, we still need you! Please don’t resign!

Especially not to make way for a certain someone who has a very questionable background and arrogance!

BTW, I would like to point out one reason why I don’t trust Anwar, even if he is seen as being a potential PM for all Malaysia.

He changed statuses of Missionary Schools to SK, changing them totally from being mission schools to ultra-Malays. If not, why is it that within ONE YEAR of the status change, said mission schools all had a DRASTIC drop in discipline?

I’m in support of corporal punishment within reason. Name ’em and shame ’em. Why protect school bullies if they did not follow school regulations? Because mummy and daddy expect the school to babysit their kids but not discipline them? Anak Emas… but Emas (gold) can stand pressure.

Wait, they can’t. Spoilt brats. -_-“