Stressful Day’s Thoughts

Or rather when you’re stressed (physically and mentally), your brain tends to be very illogical and unreasonable when it finally gest to unwind (after a fashion).

I rally can’t believe that my brain thought this up either. Or rather I thought it up. Funny how we seem to use the brain to disassociate ourselves from something that’s inherently us, isn’t it? But getting to the reason for this post:

I was actually thinking about the fact that after all’s said and done, I love my mom (for those who didn’t know, mom went in for a minor op and is recovering very nicely) but I’m still very ambivalent about dad. I don’t like my dad much, but that asides, I love my mom a lot. I know my mom wants me to get married and have kids, but I don’t want to be a baby machine and have lots of kids. After all, mom only had two and I intend to keep a small number if I can.

So, then I got to thinking that I wanted to have my kids grow up well; that I’d prefer my children to be educated rather than having many and hoping that one of them would take care of me when I was older. That made me think about the old times, when parents would encourage their kids to give them many grandchildren; thinking about it, it was the best possible way to ensure the continued longetivity of your genes and if something happened to child no 5 there’d still be child 8 and 1-4 to look after them.

Following me? Good if you do, thanks if you don’t but are still reading anyway.

My thoughts then jumped to this: If I had a kid, what if something happened to them and I had to take care of them for the rest of my life? It would be a kind of a sweet revenge from my kid, that I would never be free from them. Seems kinda cruel, and for only kids who want to make their parents suffer, this certainly seems like a good choice, doesn’t it?

Only, if you were that kid, and assuming you were in a coma, do you really want to hear your mom/ dad coming to talk to you every day? The same old same old? The incessant ramblings and nagging? Think about it.

I know I wouldn’t.

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