Thought of the Morning

Was thinking back about the conversation I had with [Grayfox] yesterday about Christianity, the Guilt Complex and how Guilt was not really that strong an emotion. Sure it affects a lot of us, but Guilt is one of those emotions that creep up on you, it’s not like Hate or Love where it’s refreshing in its honesty. At least with the two, you acknowledge that it’s Hate/Love motivating you, while one can never be too sure about Guilt. You can never be sure of where you stand with Guilt, which often manifests itself in other guises. Guilt also has this tendency to sneak up on you.

While I was thinking about Guilt, something else came up. We often feel guilty because we have supposedly gone against God’s wishes, by living in what most people say is sin. Here’s something I don’t get. If we’re naturally drawn to God, and if it’s in our nature to enjoy the “finer” things in life, why are they a sin?

The Roman Catholic Church is an excellent example of how Guilt can be a wonderfully compelling tool. On one hand, you tell people that they are naturally sinful by virtue of someone doing something God did not want them to do. Then you tell them that ultimately they are responsible for their own decisions, even though they have already been marked by what their ancestor did to them a very long time ago. On the other hand, you tell people that their sinfulness/cause of them falling into sin is because of an external force. It’s a wonderful way to keep people in check and it’s worked wondwerfully for centuries.

You know what’s the most interesting thing? No one really thought up the existence of an opposing force who was determined to lead us to “sin” till Paul. And by all accounts, Paul was educated at the feet of the Sanhedrin, and aren’t ANY executive councils well-versed in politics?

Think about that.