Step by Step Paypal to Visa and vice versa

Because I’ve been getting a lot of messages about this from my friends:

1. Apply for a PB Visa Electron. (Public Bank)
Note that this is a debit card with a minimum account balance of RM25, so you must always have a balance of RM25 in your card. That means if you want to purchase something that’s RM25, you’ll need to have at least RM50 on the card.

2. Your Credit Card’s first letter is here!
This letter will reach your way a few weeks after you’ve submitted your application. When you receive it, take note of the credit card number mentioned. Then head on over to the nearest Public Bank and make your first deposit. You should be able to do this via a cash deposit machine. When at the machine, select Credit Card Payment, key in your account number and deposit! If for some reason you’re unsuccessful, you’ll have to do it over the counter. In that case, best to go during the MIDDLE of the month, as there will be very few people around.

Also, you’ll want to create your PB Internet Banking account here too. Saves you an extra step.

3. Credit Card Notification/Pick Up Card/ Sent to your house
WOOHOO! Congratulations, you’ve received your card! Now, to verify it using Paypal, make sure you have at LEAST RM35 in your card. The reason for this is because PayPal charges a USD$1.95 fee against your card to make sure it’s deductible. Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back, just that they need to make sure your card is valid.

4. Head over to, register (if you haven’t already), put in your credit card number for verification and follow the instructions.

5. To get your PayPal account number thingy, wait one day, then head on over to Public Bank’s Internet Banking portal > Log In > Accounts Inquiry > Transaction History > Credit Card > Account Number (Your Debit Card) > Unbilled Transactions > Look for PayPal.

6. Go back to PayPal and insert that number.

Congratulations, your PayPal is now verified.