Two for One!

Ok, the contents of this post was inspired by what happened on Livejournal. No, this is not about the content strike, but rather memes, and the discovery that Skypeg is actually Krad (of DNAngel) fangirl like I am! YAY!

Though I have to say, Satoshi is just *that* much hotter. Ok, so I have a weakness for men with glasses, they are just too hawt, cute and intelligent!

Ok, that was part one. Here’s Part Two (and where the meme bit comes in!):

List 10 fictional characters you wouldn’t kick out of bed (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

1. Kurama – Yuyu Hakusho, both youko and human forms
My very first bishie. C’mon! You expect to see him here! He’s just too smexy! Intelligent, looks, good with roses. *_* Though I’d admit, I might be kicked out of bed by the youko for what I did to him in my fanfics lalala~

2. Cho Hakkai- Gensoumaden Saiyuki
After Kurama, I fell in love with Hakkai. Apparently his youkai powers is also connected to plants (see above) but what I like about him is his sarcasm, yet polite manners. Though yes, he’s OMG SO HAWT WHEN KICKING ASS. Also, Chi User FTW! I think he might take the couch because of that gentlemanliness though.

3. Hiwatari Satoshi- DNAngel
The first under-19 entrant! No, I don’t have a fetish for shotas (small cute boys) but there’s just something too irresistibly sexy about a 14 year old who’s more mature than 19, and heck, even some 20-year olds I know! No, not talking about any of my colleagues at work. 😛 Might actually take lessons from him about art and all. :3

4. Hagi/Haji – Blood+.
Guy with cello who has an insomnia complex. Protector. Also, this. *Falls in love with SMEXY!Hagi and looks at [Raz]*

5. Mukuro Rokudo – Katekyo! Hitman Reborn
He’s sarcastic, smart, slightly (ok, VERY) psychotic, has a “I’ll-save-people-but-I-don’t-make-it-obvious” syndrome. Him and Chrome are so much love! I’d be kicked out of bed though.

6. Chrome Dokuro
Might actually stay up all night with her talking about Mukuro and language lessons. 😛

7. Ogami – Sakura Wars
No thanks to [Grayfox], I’m reminded that Ogami is one of the few bishies I admire for him ALWAYS getting bullied by the Sakura Taisen girls. 😛

8. Aoi Futaba and Yoriko from YUA
They’d probably end up teaching me about makeup, girly stuff and FOOD! :3

9. Gino Gambino and Ian
Clueless hot boys. Actually it’d be fun to take Gino out to have fun and just bully Ian. 🙂

10. Avery- Caverns of Socrates (Novel)
Who’s actually an artificial intelligence. I like the way his character was developed, and while there were parts of the book that was boring, Avery was developed well enough to become a character I fell in love with. Betcha didn’t see THAT one coming, did ya?

… Apparently I like bad boys on the side of good. Hmm…