Updating to WordPress 2.5

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When it comes to upgrades, I generally have no fear of them, mainly
because I know worse comes to worst I could always simply recopy all
the old files I had and use the old version instead. However, updating
my blog is another matter entirely. I will admit that I'm a rather big
coward of that, as I'm simply terrified of doing something wrong and
kissing Broken Shield and Sword goodbye! Still, I wanted to do it; it
was something of the line I know it can be done, and it should be done
by me, considering that the blog does belong to me while being
administered by someone else looks at a certain person's direction
but I just kept delaying it.

When WordPress 2.5 came out and [Edrei] detailed how to upgrade your WordPress,
I knew I couldn't delay it any longer. Which was why that night I went
to bed and slept. It was late Sunday night and I had work! 😛

So today, while I was getting some stuff for Sachiko, I decided to
upgrade my WordPress. Installing the WordPress Database Backup plugin
was a cinch, but I was surprised when it gave me an unwriteable error.
A quick check in Google revealed that my directory was not written to.
No problem, I thought, so I fired up Filezilla and attempted to write.
Uh oh.

For some reason I could not connect to Filezilla, and that scared me.
So I checked around, decided to upgrade my Filezilla, asked [Raz] to
help me set permissions, etc etc, and finally I could run the backup.
As the backup was running, I tried to get to my FTP, gave up on the old
Filezilla (I was running, I think) and installed the newest.
Once that was done, the errors persisted, but this time they gave me
the address not found message, so I played around with my domain name
and voila! I was in.

The rest of it seemed like a walk in the park after that little scare.
Within a few moments, I had unzipped WordPress 2.5 and then threw it
into Filezilla for it to be uploaded. The new Filezilla has a much
slicker interface and has divided the bottom bar (where you see your
files being uploaded) into Queued Files, Sucessful Transfers and Failed
Transfers. This makes it much easier to keep track of your files. There
was a whopping 500++ files to be uploaded, but the process was so fast
that I barely noticed it (was it supposed to be that many files to be
replaced, [Edrei]? Yes, you could leave your comp to get a drink and it
would be done by the time you got back.

After that, I logged into my WP Admin Dashboard, clicked on the link to
upgrade, logged in and voila! Upgrade completed. It looks like the few
plugins I used were also in good working condition. So yes, minus the
little scares, this was actually pretty easy. Thanks to [Edrei] for the
instructions and to [Raz] for being patient with me especially when my
FTP wasn't working.

Also, no, this is NOT an April's Fool's joke. I'm too lazy to think up of one.