Harian Metro for Rempits?

Kinda disappointed by their opening line, actually.

For those who don’t speak Malay, the opening line which reads,

“KUALA LUMPUR: Gelaran ‘hero’ disandang seorang tukang masak yang memberkas seorang Mat Rempit yang didakwa menyamun, hanya bertahan kurang tiga jam apabila dia dibelasah separuh mati oleh saki baki kumpulan pelumba haram terbabit yang membalas dendam berikutan penahanan rakan mereka.”

Can be translated to mean,

“Kuala Lumpur: A ‘heroic’ cook who apprehended a Mat Rempit suspected of robbery could only hold on to his title for three hours when he was beaten half to death by the rest of the Rempit’s gang who were angry over the arrest of their friend.”

The rest of the news details what happened to the cook last Thursday when he went to the aid of a friend who was being mugged by said Mat Rempits. Upon leaving the police station, he was unaware that he had been trailed. While stopping at a traffic lights, the Mat Rempits struck, pulling him out of his car and beating him to a pulp. And in case you’re wondering, his car stalled while he was trying to escape, which was why he didn’t just run the bastards down.

Yes, I hold low opinions of this menace on the roads. Mat Rempits are the bane of urban Malaysia, being a bunch of lawbreakers who take pleasure in mob rule. The police themselves are overwhelmed by this threat. Some police officers, I’ve heard, have been injured in the course of their duties . They’re a silent threat, and if the police want to redeem themselves and cast off their corrupt image, the one single thing they could do to begin this is to arrest all the Mat Rempits, no matter who they’re under (yes, the Hairy son-in-law’s goons count).

Like many things in this country, I doubt that would happen.