Innit scares me

More specifically, Nuffnang’s Innit. They remind me of the main reason why I choose to stay away from most blogs UNLESS they’re recommended highly by friends or I came across them in work etc etc.

When the most popular post on this blog aggregator is a post by someone who keeps screaming hysterically about blogs they don’t like, it really makes you wonder about the maturity they exhibit. And really, if you don’t like a blog, just don’t visit it.

Something he/she/it said also kind of ticked me off; it’s not really their call to make if somone puts a wishlist on their sidebar, is it? Because if I wanted to give someone something, and I know they have a wishlist, I’d be more likely to give it on the spot if the wishlist is available, either as a link on the side bar or on the sidebar itself, instead of me having to actually SEARCH for it. Yes, I’m lazy.

I do have to agree about the music one though.

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  • hei. sorry this might sound oot but your heise artbook had arrive. do email me the posting method you prefer k. thanks.

  • Remember the thumbdrive u got me? I put it on the sidebar wishlist! hehehe shame shame. It’s still with me now. still very good.

    Geminianeyes: Heheheh! I’m glad you do! 😀