Morning Thoughts

A glance at the morning papers today talks about Pak Lah hitting back at his critics, especially Dr M. While that was interesting, it’s not the inspiration for this post. Rather, it was the latest comments from Sufiah, the 13-year old Maths prodigy who’s now an escort, that caught my eye.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about what she chose to do with her life. However, there was one line in her interview that made me think:

“I have studied so intensely for so many years, I wanted to have some fun,” said Sufiah, whose Pakistani father Farooq Yusof forced her to study day and night.

I wonder… could it be that the overstimulation and emphasis on the mind causes them to turn their minds off (mostly) and instead indulge in the bodies/senses instead when they get the chance in their adulthood? They, in this sense, refers to child geniuses and prodigies.