Shorts: Warrior’s Solitude

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Title: Warrior’s Solitude: A Jiatian Short

The Queen sat straight in the chair, her eyes watchful. Even in this garden of Peace she would not relax. As the warriors trained nearby, she let her eyes roam, drinking in the sights of the garden with a cautious air. No one dared to come near, for they were afraid of the Queen’s wrath. Although there were many around her, she was alone. For a short time, she was satisfied with that. She needed this time alone, needed to stop and ponder about the direction her life was going to take.

Her face never became dreamy, nor did it ever give any indication that her mind was far away. Nonetheless, she was pensive. The road she had to take to reach the Throne and now to sit in this Garden had been long. It had also been very exhausting. Yet she knew she did not have time to rest on her laurels. Soon she would have to leave the Garden; she would have to return to her duties soon. For now though, it was time to rest and recover. Time to contemplate.

It took all her willpower not to move her hand to caress her still-flat belly. The hints of a smile tugged at her lips. During the Ritual of Purification she had undergone before ascending the Throne, she had been visited by a Phoenix. Such a magnificent creature had not been seen in many generations; that it came to her during a time of great disturbance in the Kingdom she had taken as a good omen. The Phoenix graciously acqueised to land on her outstretched hand, and it kissed her on the cheek. Without the Phoenix saying a word, the Queen understood that it had given her a great gift, and it also did not want her to tell anyone of its visit to her.

For the first time in a very long while, the Queen held hope that her people could be saved.