[Politics] Sandiwara

Or in English, it means Drama. And really, with all the drama UMNO has been putting itself through, who needs TV?

In most shows I watch, I normally become a fangirl of a character/concept etc. Well, in this case, I am a fangirl:

Of Pak Lah.

I used to be one of Dr M, but in the recent months he’s showing signs of panicking and becoming senile. That, and I believe Pak Lah is a FAR better and cleaner person than Dr M will ever be. He’s not perfect yes, but he’s a NICE guy.

More than I can say for my one-time hero who’s far too fond of the ISA (see: Ops Lallang) and mega projects that bring nothing to the nation (see: Approval for Man in Space, Port Klang Free Trade Zone, and National Service).