10 year meme

Something that popped up on my flist, though I wasn’t tagged, but I think it’s good to do these sort of exercises:

Imagine yourself in TEN years time and list down FIVE things that you have/are/have done.

1. Write a series of successful books/tell the story of Naoko, Sukina and Kishan
2. Learnt how to manage my family (as in parents- wish there was a manual for this)
3. Married to HIM, and still be in love with each other. He knows who he is. Whether we have kids or not, it doesn’t really matter.
4. Be self-sufficient in finance, home, etc.
5. See a Malaysia not torn apart by religion and race (aka can marry whoever you want without the whole community FROWNING on you because the person you love is from a race they don’t trust)