[Politics] Storm in a Teacup

In some ways, I envy the people of Penang. Although still in its early days, they seem to be keeping to their promises of being clean and efficient. I was pleased to hear that they appointed Lee Kah Choon, a former Gerakan (part of the BN coalition- now opposition in Penang) to Penang’s investment agencies; not caring about his political involvement. Pakatan Rakyat (Citizen’s Alliance in English) really seems to be sticking to their promises of selecting only the best and the cleanest for the jobs; this means ability and talent over the previous criteria of: Political Affliations > Connections > Race. The PCR criteria has been in use for a long time; everyone knows it but no one wanted to admit it.

I may be mistaken about this criteria, but this is my own opinion. And I’ve seen it happen many times already.

Actually, if the guy is capable, I don’t see a reason why we can’t have Kah Choon be on board? I don’t see a problem with electing capable, honest and transparent officers regardless of political affliations. If they can get the job done, why need to make noise over their political party, unless it interferes with the dispensation of their duties?

Also, Najib, don’t regret Lee chosing his job over his party. I regret more that you’re still around in the first place, when you should have been relegated to political wilderness. And yes, I agree with Vox Populi in Malaysiakini over Najib. Pak Lah is a far better Prime Minister than Najib could ever dream to be. At least Pak Lah is sincere about wanting to help the people, to address old wounds and to just move on. Najib? From his authoritarian stance, I don’t think he will be Bapa Bankrupt Malaysia.