[Politics] Amusement continued

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A quick who.is check reveals that Mahathir, who used to tell people to take pride in Malaysia, to Look East yadda yadda has his server located in the US. Hmm… why not host your blog on a Malaysian server, Dr. M?

Also, his blog is powered by Google’s Blogger, which seems to be the trend among the Umno members who have been jumping onto the blogger’s bandwagons. Among them include the now-no-comment blog of Ali Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca, who predictably got slammed for his “Pakatan Rakyat gives Pig Farm to Selangor Voters as Gift” post (he was being racist IMO, in that post, because he implied that Pakatan Rakyat did not put the Malaynisation policy as priority, focusing instead on Malaysianising, which is a better policy), Dato Rosol Wahid, one politician dropped from the previous elections (?), and Shahrir Samad (who, in his defence, has been blogging since 2006), a man I admire.

I do wonder about it though. Malaysia’s courting Google to build its largest datacenter in the country, so could this be a sign to Google that Malaysia’s serious about Google’s business?

Ah well.

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  1. 1) Wouldn’t the WHOIS be pointing to the company running DOMAIN NAMES? If so, Malaysian companies are notoriously terrible with hosting/domain. Bad value for money and bad service. It’d be better in the long run to go international.

    2) Blogger blogs are easy to set up and are relatively more cutomizable.


    1. Yes, but my point is that for all his vaunted “Look East” or Buy Malaysian talk, Mahathir is still going overseas for his Domain name. It’s very out of character and hypocritical of him to tell people to buy Malaysian and then he goes overseas himself.

    2. No argument there.

  2. Mahathir’s webmaster probably got a cheap domain, pointed it to Blogger and kept the rest of the RM500 allocation cheque for the ‘blog development’ contract.

    Geminianeyes: The sad thing is… you’re probably right.

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