Weird Dreams

It looks like the weird dreams bug has reached me. It’s been making its rounds for the past few months and although I’ve had a few, nothing was more “Huh?” than this morning’s one. I only remembered three scenes but my dreams have a weird coherency that does make sense. Unfortunately, I only remember 3 scenes, so this is no coherent entry.


Dreamt that I was working in this small company with 5 people who were going to visit another colleague in the hospital (NONE of them were people I knew). The catch? We were to go there on bicycles, pass roads that reminded me of the road used to get to Onini’s place. We never did make it there. I had problems with the bike (another colleague had borrowed it before me, so when I got it back I had to adjust it). First I had to fix the handle (wtf it was above my head) then tighten the screws, deal with a very bitchy colleague who was riding pillion with me, and having to climb up some places with the small ramps that looked suspiciously like the ones outside Giant, a local supermarket.

Can’t remember what happened in between, but I do know after that that I had to go deliver some stuff that looked suspiciously like drugs. Thing is, it seems like a new job, I was in Italy, and the drugs delivered were in the small bag for small screwdrivers. I happened to pass the screwdrivers right in front of cops on their break. To throw them off, I said to the guy that I wanted to make sure the things were delivered correctly, so could he check the screwdrivers? He told me not to worry.

The last bit of the dream involved the IRC-ians. People I can remember making an appearance: Deru, Lac, Wildwild and I think Hisa. I stopped by the place where they were hanging out (apparently I worked in the office above this photoshoot/cafe place they were hanging out at) and my shoes had gotten stolen. To go back to work, I had to borrow a pair from Lacry. They were also doing this Vampire Knight shoot while I was there; Lacry was in white there with the school uniform and a bandage scarf around her neck. Wild was in the whole “only two colours uniform with a dash of colour” scheme aka she was in her Granado Espada outfit.

Then I woke up. That was one weird dream.

PS: Pretty sure Shereen and a few others were there too, in their costumes, but I cannot remember at all!