[Governance] BN You never fail

To make me wonder what in the world did we see in you in the first place.

This is what has me seeing red.

As usual, to stop people from being stupid (and themselves), the BN-led government decides to introduce a piece of legislation that is designed to further erode people’s rights. From my point of view, not only are they trying to confine us, but they are trying to be our babysitters. At the end of the day, their aim is to take care of the people by making them into children and dictating like “firm” parents what children cannot say or do. Never mind that each child is different, has different needs and requirements, but all the children MUST fit into their “one-size fits all” mould.

Yes I am bloody pissed off at this, why do you ask? -_-“

Minishorts has a very good suggestion. She says that instead of just ranting, we should be proposing solutions. So, here’s MY solution to the many, many cases of people being duped to being carriers:

1. Educate.
Seriously. Most kids in Malaysia know that drug trafficking is an offense (mandatory hanging yo!) but not many know about the latest syndicates tricks to smuggle drugs abroad. When I was a kid, I remember seeing many ads on TV about mosquitos, patriotism, politeness, knowing the rules etc etc. Why can’t we do the same for this? Create a short ad (or several!) to spread awareness. Then if needed, revert back to advertisements in the airport, around town, etc etc. DO NOT TRY TO REGULATE PEOPLE’S RELATIONSHIPS PLEASE.

2. See point 1.

3. See point 1.

4. See point 1.

5. Cooperate with Interpol
We know there’s a syndicate around. Instead of focusing on just the women, please focus on the people who behind them. They’re the real criminals, so stop with all this “OMG THESE GIRLS ARE INNOCENT WE MUST SAVE THEM” patriarchal stupidity. Focus on the cause, not the symptoms please.

Duasen (Malay for 2 cents) has a fantastic take on this!

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