[Politics] Gauntlet thrown

Pak Lah, since Dr M has already resigned from UMNO and he’s challenging you to charge him, please go ahead and do so! You can bet that the rakyat will support you on this!

Please also give your deputy a swift kick in the ass (and other places unmentionable- if you are relunctant to do so, I can assure you that many others won’t mind stepping up to do the job) for daring to imply that the loss of 16 youths IN THEIR PRIME is worth the benefits of a community service programme. NOTHING, AND I MEAN NOTHING, IS WORTH SUCH BLATANT LOSS OF LIVES.

It would be better for you to fire him, but I suppose that you can’t do that without facing a revolt in UMNO. Please Pak Lah, I implore you, do the right thing and get rid of the idiots in your Cabinet and stop this wastage.