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Google Fangirl Alert:

Google Docs has just implemented a feature to allow users to view their docs in a page view instead of the current normal “Plain” view you’d previously get. This is great news for people like me, especially since I use the Page View in MS Word to track the length of my documents. It also prevents me from being too lengthy (I consider anything over a page of text to be long for a browser, especially for a blog entry). Best of all, I now have a reason to dump MS Word and switch to Google Docs permanently.

Have YOU discovered Google Docs today?

Ubuntu Tweaking Fun! (and headaches)

The first phase of running Ubuntu for me ended sometime early May. I say first phase because it was simply trying to get Ubuntu to run as a normal user would: Browsing, listening to music, communication, doing some basic writing, downloading, viewing files and lastly, playing some Linux games and changing the desktop background (here’s what my Ubuntu desktop looks like on DeviantArt).

Now, after May, I started playing around with it more mainly to get Ubuntu to do two things:

– Play my music files:
Especially those with what I suspect faulty UTF-8 tag encoding. This applies especially to music files from the Oricon Charts I downloaded last year. Renaming the files doesn’t work; only when I removed the tags did it work, but even so, it only works when I actually grab the folder from my Windows folder and drop it into Ubuntu. However, trying to transfer the files BACK into Windows to see if it’s detected comes up with a “Invalid or multibyte character” error. Here’s my thread on it in the Ubuntu Forums if anyone’s interested.

– Get my webcam to work:
This is quite a bit lower on the list, mainly because I use a generic webcam. Still, I’m interested in getting it to work so I can use it for voice calls and video.

First impressions of Ubuntu is favourable, full review upcoming. Oh yes, something to note: Despite the fact that Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and use, it hasn’t been updated and included into the Ubuntu depositories (basically the pool where Ubuntu updates everything). If you want to download the latest FF3, by all means go ahead but be warned that it might break a few things. Updates are expected by next week after the Ubuntu team comes back from their developers’ conference tomorrow (Friday tomorrow). Best to wait as the team will put FF3RC1 through its paces.

2 thoughts on “Geeking Out!”

  1. “it hasn’t been updated and included into the Ubuntu depositories.”

    Say what?

    1. Download source
    2. Compile
    3. Fire up Firefox
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

    Well actually I thought they already provide binary for Linux based system, so whats wrong with using it?

    Geminianeyes: According to the thread in the Ubuntu Forums, the plugins (not addons, plugins) are broken if you install it by yourself.

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