Ta’Lern: Denial of Flight

He could almost hear her voice, sighing in amused exasperation. Against his will, it brought a smile to his face.

Do you always have to do things the hard way?

He sidestepped one of his assailants, twisting and turning. The batons he used to deflect their attacks, landing disorienting blows on them instead. As he made his way through them, his batons shifted forms to become a short quarterstaff. He twirled it around, knocking his enemies back. She would be watching, he knew, and reinforcements would be on their way. He could not let himself be captured here. By the time he had cleared his last assailant, he had reached the edge of the city. Leaving his dazed assailants behind, he darted into the city, the guards not lifting a finger to help him. They had been paid to look the other way.

Once inside the city, he darted into a dark alleyway. He did not stop to catch his breath, but rather began to jog, losing himself in the warren-like maze of the city. With any luck, they would not find his brother yet.