Sunday Updates!

The second half of this entry will be under a cut because it deals with my impressions of the Walk for a Free Media. The first half of this entry deals with the bookfest at KLCC (the one organised by Popular).

And I spent around RM75++. What did I get?

Train Man!
– Current review: The book is not written in the conventional sense. Rather, it’s a collection of threads on 2ch, a popular Japanese forum that works a bit like 4Chan. What can I say? The emoticons in this book are just too cute, and the story of transformation of a geeky guy to a confident young man is simply amazing. Whether it’s a true story or not I don’t know, but I do know that I enjoy this book!

Sakura Taisen Vol 1
Sakura Taisen Vol 2
Sakura Taisen Vol 3
– I loved the Sakura Wars series ever since I saw the anime series back when Animax was starting to show anime series. Spunky Sakura, semi-bitchy Sumire, breezy-cool Maria (*hearts*), noisy Kanna, geeky Rin, cute-as-anything Iris, and poor Ogami were much fun to have around! When I saw the books were going for RM13.90 per book with a buy 3 for price of 2 books, I couldn’t resist. Book 4 has the cover of Iris, I’ll see about getting it later. *Fangirls*

Better Lat than Never
– My bro and I got this for my mom, but since the whole family are Lat fans, we’ll probably all read it anyways. 😀

The rest of the day was spent yakking with friends, going ga-ga over Zend’s Caliber and Hercules. I think it’s safe to assume that most IRC-ians love comics no matter the form, and most of us take up something to do with design or writing because of that. I wonder if it would be safe to say that 90% of this blog’s readership has similar interests?

It rained on our way back, so deru and I rushed to the car while [Dustyhawk] and my bro waited at the LRT station. Lazy people.

Part two: The Walk
A big disappointment, especially with Zaid. His speech had nothing new in it, most of what they said others had already said, and if you noticed my previous post, the catchphrase was: “I think you will have to ask the Minister in charge/” This was repeated I think at least 3 times, with the idea that Zaid, who is seen as the minister in charge of judicial reform in Malaysia, is not responsible for this.

My biggest peeve with Zaid is this: According to him, would the journalists take it upon themselves to report accurately and factually? My answer is another question, which I should have asked but didn’t get a chance to: How can the journalists report the facts, when the facts are covered by the OSA (Official Secrets Act)?

Disappointed? Perhaps.

And now, I nap.

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