Dream Chronicles, Pt 2

You know you’ve been gaming too mcuh when you dream about playing a DiG Dug mole game typ with your objectives laready completed, yet the big evil mole (?) or badger who’s just a lonely old soul pops into your house, looking for more. If you don’t leave your house and run off in a different direction, he will break your house when he fits through the door, so you run away in another direction.

You succeed and somehow find an old ship underground, mice size. Your friends the rats pass you a ember with which to light the torche. When you light what you thought was a torch was actually keroesene and though it doesn’t explode, the whole place catches fire. You can see the ship’s mast still in need of repair, the ship itself in a bad condition…

Next thing you know, the ship has flown because the fire was meant to give it enough hot air so it could fly. Off you go on another adventure, even before you’d have a chance to sit down and cuddle with your wife.

When you come back years later, you’re greeted by the sight of your wife solitary in your home, and yet your house, though still humble, is now overflowing with riches. Your wife tells you she’s been serving the King and never slept with him, and the two of you spend the night together, telling each other stories.

I need to lay off the salt.