Happenings over the weekend

Sorry for spamming the RSS feeds (I notice that if I don’t blog for a few days, I’ll put up more than one post a few days later, which isn’t deliberate!), but thought I’d make a post for what I did over the weekend. Haven’t really processed the pictures yet, so this entry is short (at least I hope it will be one).

You know your weekend was productive when…

You spend most of the day catching up on 3 weeks’ missed sleep.

You went out to have a good one-on-one breakfast with your bro and both of you can joke without worrying your parents will be alarmed at the topics you talk about.

You go to a cousin’s 21st birthday party and end up “sharing” stories of when the birthday boy crashed into the drain upon learning how to ride a two-wheel bicycle (in the urban areas, this is a NECCESSARY SKILL, regardless of whether you actually own a bike).

You go out for a walk with a friend and end up playing Monopoly in another friend’s place five minutes away by train (Deru and I walked over to the LRT station and took the train to Asia Jaya to shota Xeon’s place).

You get started on clearing your desk and get distracted by an old book you forgotten you’d bought (Why, hello thar Loveless vol 3!).

You discover the loveliness that is Nissin.

You still feel like strangling your ISP for constant lag (My characters died in an otherwise easy map because of the %&#&%#*$ lag) but feel glad that at least the most important connection didn’t lag, namely GTalk, IRC and iSketch. 😀

You spend more time researching than writing.

So, how was your weekend?

PS: [EducateDeviate]’s home! Can’t wait to see her again!

Sidenote: Blogathon 2008 will NOT happen this year. There is an alternative though, and it’s located here.

3 thoughts on “Happenings over the weekend”

  1. …the last time you guys tried to do that, I fell off the bike.

    Geminianeyes: It’s OK! WE PUT YOU IN SAFETY GEAR!

  2. Why do I dread for my life? DX

    Geminianeyes: I doubt you’ll be like my cousin and cycle straight into the drain. We’ll teach you how to use the brakes! 😀

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