Milky Contest!

Milk drinkers, unite! (I’m looking at YOU, [info]_deru)

Tetra Pak’s having a Milk Loves You contest where all you need to do is submit a photo + caption with the theme: Milk Moments! What are the prizes? Well, they are:


Note the supply of milk! If anyone needs a cam, I’d be willing to pop over and lend you my Mizuiro (aka my phone) for the contest.

So, whatcha all waiting for? It’s milk time!

[info]dynast_harmonia, I’ll be at your house one day soon with scones AND YES, I WILL BRING MILK FOR YOU TO DRINK AND PHOTOGRAPH AS WELL MUAHAHAHAHA! *Is bricked*

Edit: Because I is silly, here is link to more info!

Wife of Edit: Feel free to pass this around!

3 thoughts on “Milky Contest!”

  1. ….HOI. But I don’t like milk. ;_;

    Geminianeyes: Bingo! 😀 Hence why I’m bringing over milk. Chocolate or strawberry? >D

  2. …chocolate. DX

    Geminianeyes: *Pats* Aww, mik’s not that yucky! I still don’t like the taste of normal milk, but choco milk is delicious! Any particular brand?

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