Typical Gemini Birthday

In which I had both good and bad points.

Day was great; got surprised with roses (which cause one of the biggest and longest smiles I’ve had for a long time) and cake for all the June babies (including Joicy!). Came home a bit later than expected cause my work comp was giving probs, but it’s ok cause I thought tonight’s bowling dinner would do it. Turns out Mom was in a bad mood, but I didn’t pick it up till we got into the car (dad pissed her off, which is nothing usual but it IS petty of him).


Had a pretty good dinner at Sushi Groove, but it was the after dinner that made me a bit said. Mom only mentioned once we were on our way to Pyramid that her leg was hurting and she wouldn’t be bowling with us. I was sad cause I was really looking forward to a game with the whole family; last time we bowled together was the first time I’d bowled, and it was quite a few years back. After that well… as we walked to the bowling alley mom told me about what dad said to her, and I tried my best to be the good daughter and listen without comment. I liked that after dinner walk to the bowling alley where mom and I simply walked into the stores that caught our eyes and checked out the clothes.

Bowling alley was full, so we went to the arcade instead. After playing a few rounds, we walked back to the car. Held mom’s hand after not holding it for a long time and it felt like she was looking for comfort. The distance between mom and dad were quite big, and I hate moments like these. Somehow it feels like my parents are either intentionally sabotaging me or they’re just too wrapped up in themselves. Still, they did get together to sing Happy Birthday to me, and I feel a bit of hope in this family.

Ever the eternal optimist I am. After all, at the end of the day… I’d like to be remembered for my smile and not my frown.

The two wishes I made were the one and the same. I can only dream it will happen.

Ok, bath time! 😀

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