Friday the 13 Musings

I find it amusing that today is Friday the 13 after my birthday. It’s generally considered to be a day of bad luck, with many people attaching horror to the date especially in the wake of zombies and the like. In any case, the day after my birthday’s always one of interest, but ah well. I’m more worried about what’s happening in Klang. My colleagues have all reached work safe and sound, but Silfa is reporting a different matter altogether. He’s been updating from his DS, and it’s beginning to worry and scare me.

He’s now holed up in Aeon Jusco. Things here in the office is rather quiet and normal (I’m freezing because of the aircon, which is nothing unusual) but there has been an unusually high number of accidents and road accidents, many of them located near the main roads. Makes one wonder what’s happening…

Signing off for now. See you guys after lunch. Mmmm… Nissin Noodles. 😀

Just to let people know, considering what happened last year, I’m eating my lunch in the office. Hence the nissin noodles. 😀