Lunchtime is far too quiet

It is, this time around. The office is humming quietly, the streets are quiet, and after all, it IS a Friday afternoon, so there are bound to be less people around. I’ll have to leave the office later to add coins to the meter, but I’m not sure whether it’ll be worth it. I survived what happened last year, but I don’t think I could survive another one if it happens this year.

Things are starting to get very kooky. Reports from Australia are coming in, and it seems that we had some warning… but as usual, no one took any notice. On my end though, I only have Silfa’s entry to go on by. It’s lunch hour, and if people are going to blog or talk, they would most likely be paying attention to the fuel hikes protest instead. Right now, I’m not discounting anything. Ti’s post is scary… I went offline for a moment, and the ceiling does feel nice, but I’ll have to come down soon.

I wonder if I will survive the day.