You know the phrase calm before the storm? That was exactly what happened.

Remember that anti fuel-hike I was taking about earlier? Well, it’s over now. What’s NOT over is the fact that there are many, many people being attacked. Heard it from a reliable source; majority of the police had a show of force happening in KL for the hike, but they didn’t arrest people NOT because they didn’t want to; they couldn’t. Personnel have been redirected to contain the threats from the graveyard and from what I know… it’s not been pretty. As it stands, they were for once, PREPARED.

The public doesn’t know, not yet, but I’m sure when parents go to pick up their loved ones, they’ll find out. Find out in the most horrible way imaginable. The afternoon might slow them down (I think it has) but I don’t plan on staying here at the office after night falls. My old primary school was built on a graveyard… I can only hope my cousin sister is alright.

But I think it may be too late.

Klang has already fallen. For PJ, it’s only going to a matter of time. The attack will be from two sides.

I should have driven out of the state today.

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  1. Huh? What the hell are you talking about? I know that there was some protest or something, but what’s all this graveyard bit?

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