Alright, I admit I joined the Twitterin’ crowd but after the fiasco that was the Twitter harassment case, I was iffy to join it.

So when a friend suggested Plurk, I viewed at it with suspicion. Didn’t take long for me to sign up, since I liked the interface and ease of use. Now, if only I can figure out a way for it to sync with my blog…

Yes, I like to play with such mini updates without cluttering the blog (and your RSS feeds). 😛

Oh yeah, you can follow me on Plurk here.

Note to LJ Users: Should I keep crossposting from WP to LJ or would you prefer not to see updates from this blog often?

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  • It depends – do you want to be associated with The Way Dusty Blogged?

    Geminianeyes: Good point, but then I generally don’t spam my entries (much). Think I’ll turn it off for most part and only turn it on for entries I’m too lazy to cross post then.

  • There is a Way Dusty Blogged?

    I wish you’d allow comments over at LJ as well as WP. That way, I know when you reply. XD;

    Geminianeyes: I’m too lazy to keep track of two threads. 😛

    Dusty killed people’s FList by tying his WP to his LJ during the blogathon, so he had an entry every 30 minutes popping up. 😛

  • Oooh.

    It’s really up to you! I just find it difficult to keep switching between the journal platforms just to comment. 😀

    Geminianeyes: I’ll see what happens if I implement OpenID here then. Thing is, LJ doesn’t seem to play nice with OpenID.

  • I…don’t have OpenID. How does one use it? :O

    Geminianeyes: Poked you! 😀

  • I prefer the crossposting. I don’t make the effort to check out my friends on other blog services that often.

    Geminianeyes: You don’t use RSS readers then? Just curious.

  • Also: I refuse to touch Twitter or Plurk or anything of the sort. To me those tools simply plow away at privacy and increase stalkerishness to a whole new level. Plurk even has a timeline attached to it.

    Geminianeyes: The timeline was the main reason I signed up. You do have a point about the stalker issue though.

  • You can add a widget to your blog, just like Twitter.

    GeminianeyeS: Couldn’t find the widget on Plurk’s blog, hence question.

  • I tend to leave my RSS to only a few blogs, usually more serious ones, or for ONTD. I know it’s technically the same thing, but RSS always feels so…impersonal.

    Maybe I should start getting used to it.

  • Lord Zhilbar


    I so much prefer it when you’re in my flist! Makes things so much easier and happier, please continue!