Alright, I admit I joined the Twitterin’ crowd but after the fiasco that was the Twitter harassment case, I was iffy to join it.

So when a friend suggested Plurk, I viewed at it with suspicion. Didn’t take long for me to sign up, since I liked the interface and ease of use. Now, if only I can figure out a way for it to sync with my blog…

Yes, I like to play with such mini updates without cluttering the blog (and your RSS feeds). πŸ˜›

Oh yeah, you can follow me on Plurk here.

Note to LJ Users: Should I keep crossposting from WP to LJ or would you prefer not to see updates from this blog often?

9 thoughts on “Plurking!”

  1. It depends – do you want to be associated with The Way Dusty Blogged?

    Geminianeyes: Good point, but then I generally don’t spam my entries (much). Think I’ll turn it off for most part and only turn it on for entries I’m too lazy to cross post then.

  2. There is a Way Dusty Blogged?

    I wish you’d allow comments over at LJ as well as WP. That way, I know when you reply. XD;

    Geminianeyes: I’m too lazy to keep track of two threads. πŸ˜›

    Dusty killed people’s FList by tying his WP to his LJ during the blogathon, so he had an entry every 30 minutes popping up. πŸ˜›

  3. Oooh.

    It’s really up to you! I just find it difficult to keep switching between the journal platforms just to comment. πŸ˜€

    Geminianeyes: I’ll see what happens if I implement OpenID here then. Thing is, LJ doesn’t seem to play nice with OpenID.

  4. I prefer the crossposting. I don’t make the effort to check out my friends on other blog services that often.

    Geminianeyes: You don’t use RSS readers then? Just curious.

  5. Also: I refuse to touch Twitter or Plurk or anything of the sort. To me those tools simply plow away at privacy and increase stalkerishness to a whole new level. Plurk even has a timeline attached to it.

    Geminianeyes: The timeline was the main reason I signed up. You do have a point about the stalker issue though.

  6. You can add a widget to your blog, just like Twitter.

    GeminianeyeS: Couldn’t find the widget on Plurk’s blog, hence question.

  7. I tend to leave my RSS to only a few blogs, usually more serious ones, or for ONTD. I know it’s technically the same thing, but RSS always feels so…impersonal.

    Maybe I should start getting used to it.


    I so much prefer it when you’re in my flist! Makes things so much easier and happier, please continue!

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