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This is sung to the old Malay song of, “Bangau o Bangau”

Connection o Connection Kenapa engkau mati
Macam mana aku tak mati, TM buat aku mati
TM o TM kenapa buat dia mati
Macam mana aku tak mati, uplink tak cukup
Uplink o Uplink, kenapa tak cukup
Macam mana nak cukup, budget takde

Budget o budget kenape takde
Macam mana takde, semua masuk poket CEO
Poket o poket, kenapa semua masuk sana
Macam mana tak masuk, CEO kedekut
CEO o CEO kenape kedekut
Macam mana tak kedekut, I suka melancong
CEO o CEO kenape suka melancong
Macam mana tak melancong, connection dah mati!

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