Thinking long thoughts

Inspired by the previous blog post.

I wonder really, just how many of us really do write really long entries these days that aren’t rants. How many of them are reflective, how many of them speak of something that was inspired by something else? How many of us would still have the patience to read something more than a 100 words? It’s all about skimming, about reading something, about absorbing information efficiently and quickly without wasting any time.

I know I am guilty of that. I used to love reading deeply, finding words to play around, to use them as springboards into something deeper. However, now I’ve become more concerned with writing quickly, with looking for information quickly, with disseminating it as quickly as I can. From being patient, I’ve now changed into someone who wants instant gratification.

At the very least, I’m not willing to wait very much for gratification.

I know this because of my spending habits, but mainly via my reading habits. I used to love going to the library, to reading, losing myself in words. Now, I look only for books that “won’t bore me”, books that come recommended from friends/everyone else. I no longer pick a book up to read out of sheer fun. Heck, even the thought of reading classics (which I have promised myself to read) like Nietschze’s Beyond Good and Evil, Zarathusa, and those from Plato, Socrates have all been put on the back burner.

Even getting rid of the junk in my room has taken a back seat. I’ve become MUCH more lazy than I used to be.

Well, it’s now time to change it! For me, it begins today, with the writing of this blog post.

Tomorrow, I get up early in the morning, fix the car and begin throwing out books I don’t want, or I can sell. Bye bye my mangas, even though I do read you, BUT not very often.

Bye bye stacks of papers. Time for me to consolidate my writings into one file. Old portfolios I need to see what I want to keep, because I discovered that most of you I can throw away.

It’s time to halt this slowness *though the road will be long*

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