Aggravation? Why Yes please!

Cut for rantage. ^_^

Ok, I admit, like some others, I AM a drama whore. Takes a lot for me to get agitated, but in my defence, I would like to point out that Malaysian mail does NOT come automatically insured when it’s registered. You knew I did not know your system, so why did you not come out and say that yes, Singaporean mail is automatically insured when it’s registered?

Would it have been THAT hard for you to mention that instead of going on and on about how Singaporean mail is different from Malaysia? -_-‘ Ah well.

Drama will be drama. I suppose the more mature/knowledgable you think you are, the more you should realise you’re ignorant.

And why YES, I DO take delight in being a know-it-all, as much it would probably irritate people like you who expect others to NOT be allowed their drama when you have yours. Have you noticed that sometimes you get into drama with others and it’s fault on BOTH sides and you NEVER apologise? Seen it happen once or twice with me, and I’ve heard about it from others as well. And yes, I have apologised too.

*Shrugs again* I suppose it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Oh well. Back to writing.