Cleaning the room up

If you saw my Plurk status on the sidebar, you’ll notice that today was filled with cleaning up my study table. Yes, just that alone. I clean that table about once a year and this time, it was overdue because the last time I cleared the table, it was more of a re-arrangement exercise. So yes, without further ado, my progress!


Before I began...


Phew! I'm tired already!


Things to recycle and throw away

Left to give away, right to recycle

45% DONE!

I can see the table!

Saving these babies


Looking for new homes!

I'm orphaned!

Recycle, that’s what they say~

Paper Lama!

80% Done!


Table Clear

Underneath is next week.


Putting them back~



3 thoughts on “Cleaning the room up”

  1. Aww, don’t throw away books! Put them in the “new home” pile. Give them to Payless, maybe they’ll buy them off you.

    Geminianeyes: The books are all going to new homes. It’s the papers that aren’t. 😀

  2. same thought as what Tiara commented. XD;; I thought you wanted to throw away those pretty pretty books. Yeah, not until I realised the caption is actually for the papers. 😛

    Geminianeyes: Sorry for the confusion. ^^;

  3. Ooohhh…. me want the Transformers figure!!!!!
    And maybe you could write out a list of books/manga that you want to give away. That way I can see which one I want and which one I’m not interested in. Though that Robert Jordan book look mighty interesting!

    Remember, I book the Transformer figure!!!

    P.S. My room, shelves and cabinets are overdue for a srping cleaning too!

    Geminianeyes: Hehehe, noted!

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the pics of the books I want to giveaway is in the gallery. Too lazy to write them out. The books are here and here. Still more to follow though. 😀

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