VIP- Very Irate Person

To quote Lacry, I headwall.

I seriously do want to do that right now. My connection to Granado Espada has been nothing short of fantastic over the weekend. It’s a trend, I notice, with TM. When it’s been happening over the past 3 weeks, it’s kind of hard to ignore it. During peak hours, I can’t seem to stay connected for more than 2 minutes. Or five if you count the time I leave Auch in GE and head on over to El Lago de Tres Hermanas. My lowest character is level 54 (the other two are 59 and 57 respectively). The highest monster in El Lago de Tres Hermanas is 53.

Now tell me does it make sense for my character to die even though he’s attacking? He’s not attacking because it LAGS. It lags so badly, I feel like murdering someone. With a sharp and rusty spoon. Is it any wonder while we have a large fanbase for MMOs, our connection to them is sucky? And no one wants to pay money for it? This is the reason. It lags so badly, one might as well not connect at all.

The sad thing is, Maxis is pretty much useless too. Out of perhaps 5 people I know who have Maxis (and they all stay in different areas), 4 report CONSTANT problems with the damn service. Heck, a 2MB FILE SHOULD NOT TAKE FOREVER TO UPLOAD NOR SHOULD IT DISCONNECT! Horrible service? No, I suspect it is not enough uplinks and the fact that TM has oversold their bandwidth.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I didn’t have much problems with the service. My broadband service was really good. Uplink and downlink was fantastic. Now though, I’d be lucky to not have slowdowns in the middle of the day. Or even night. Heck, I run Ubuntu at night and update them; does it really make sense for my downloads speed to be at 1108 bytes per minute??? And we’re not talking music or game files. We’re talking SYSTEM UPDATES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

This happens only at night or peak hours.

And the other day, my brother told me that the TM tech he spoke to while troubleshooting our connection told us to upgrade to solve our problems. Yeah, I would, if you could guarantee:

I see no reason why I should upgrade and STILL GET DISCONNECTED every five minutes or so.

Please, don’t give me such ridiculously low speeds. I know I’m using Google’s HTTPS service instead of HTTP, but that does not mean you have the freedom to discriminate against something that’s supposed to be secure!

Multiple simultaneous PC connections
This is the deal breaker. If more than one PC can connect to Net now instead of only one as it states in my contract now, I WILL sign up.

Assholes. Jom SCREAMYX!