Dreamers of Despair

She stood at the edge of the cliff, watching the scene before her. Far away, towards the horizons, her siblings were in a tiny ship, sailing towards her. They were coming home after several months at sea. She could see them coming towards her, see the white sails on their ship approaching her. With a sigh, she raised her hands, and the wind rose at her command. The winds moved towards the sea from the large plains behind her, bringing the hot air of the land to meet the cool of the sea.

The immediate result was a typhoon that appeared out of nowhere that slammed into the ship, upending it. She could hear their screams as the ship capsized, along with the screams of a hundred wives and children as their men’s ships descended into the darkness. Their screams would follow her till the end of her days, which mercifully, would not last long.

Before she ended it though, she needed to be sure. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and sent her soul out of her body, towards the harbour where the women were wailing. There, she sought a face, a young boy with clear brown eyes and a high forehead, with an elegant nose and royal bearing. She found him where she knew he would be; at the balcony of a house overlooking the harbour, waiting for his father anxiously. He was biting his lip, seeing his father’s ship go down yet refusing to cry out like the others had.

“Good boy,” she whispered, knowing that her voice would be lost in the wind.

Yet, he turned to look at her, his eyes wide and penetrating. The soul looked back at the young man gravely, but it became apparent to her very quickly that he wasn’t looking THROUGH her, but AT her. His voice resonated through her mind, a young boy’s voice but already heavy with the passing of years.

“Do not think Death will put you out of my hands, Mignon, nor my father’s Hand to stay my anger. This has not ended,” his voice was as cold as she remembered, sending shivers down her back.

Turning, she sought to head out to the sea, to complete her work, but instead found herself being pulled back to her body at high speed. As she landed dizzily, she realised that small hands were pushing her towards the cliff, forcing a stiff human body forward past the edge. She could not regain control of her body fast enough; the only thing that registered was that she had stepped off the cliff. Looking upwards as she flailed, she saw the one who had pushed her down; brilliant green eyes looked at her emotionlessly as deep red hair whipped across the face of the child that had pushed her.

“Annwn…” was the only thought she had as she hit the sea.,