You’re Under Arrest! Dreams!

Sleeping in the afternoon can do weird things to you.

So, as is my custom on the weekends, I napped. And generally if I dream and remember it, it means that something’s messing in my life and I’ve got some issues/pressure in my life.

That, and also means that I’ve overdosed on a certain fandom, so the issues I have come out in said fandom. Though sometimes I wonder at the hilarity of it, since this time’s dream came out in a mix of TWO fandoms with no resolved issues.

As usual, it started in a dystopian world, and basically revolved in the concept that we were here to do things again. Here’s the funny thing; the person in charge knew that the families where the people would be born into. He also knew when, but he didn’t act until most of them were around the same age they were when they did whatever it is they did all those years ago, even though the thing that they had to was NOT done to this emperor (yes I know it’s confusing, and I’m writing this as I just woke up, couldn’t you tell? 😛

Right after this is where it gets weird. Natsumi and Miyuki Tsujimoto from You’re Under Arrest (a really old fandom) of mine showed up. The first thing we did was to hide ourselves; keeping quiet and using the hidden boards leading to rooms in the old-type apartment really helped. The people who was searching for us couldn’t find us.

I’m saying us because as weird as it sounds, this is one of the few times that I had a complete participation in this movie/dream, from start to finish. I was there when it began, and I woke up in a weird mood. Also, I was in this dream with no awareness of who I was.

The search in the house began as night fell and ended a few hours before dawn. I think the length of time it was taking to look for us was also a factor; they were looking for people who wouldn’t be able to stay hidden for more than a few hours, but we hid from dusk till dawn, though some of us managed to move around so we could prepare for leaving the place.

I know some of the characters that came to our aid, but I cannot for the life of me remember who they are. They are from fandom though. From people whom I believed I would be able to trust even if I had met them in real life.

Towards the end of the night, someone said that they would begin preparing the way out of this house. I asked, “So, who’s going in who’s car?”

The man grinned at me and said, “Oh, we’re taking bikes this time around.” Then he went ahead to prepare.

After not hearing from him and fearing the worst, I went to look for him, along with someone else (dark skinned guy, I don’t know why I remembered him either). We found ourselves heading up, and we had to choose 3 doors I think, each on the same floor but the staircase to reach them was different. There were people heading to one door, the same door I was in front of, so I turned and used the other door, while the dark guy waited for me at teh bottom of the stairs (he didn’t know either).

There was a door that led outside, but from it we could see some Mat Rempits waiting for a friend. Before we could begin looking for that man, the mat rempit (a large Harley Davidson guy type, actually) came into the office building looking for trouble. I don’t know how, but we managed to deal with the guy without violence or noise. The noise bit was important.

When we found the bikes, they were already being sent downstairs, and this was how it got tricky, I was on the platform of the room opposite where the guy who was helping us (Reminds me now of someone from the manga Dear Boys) had lowered the bikes. Now, as he did, I was aware that someone was coming up the stairs and that someone was NOT friendly. So I made some motions to tell him to hide and he was staying in the darkness of the room, giving me a thumb’s up (the angle meant that someone would have to be on the same level as I am to see him as he was not near the door at all).

Somehow we got through that, and we then began running (seems to be a theme of a lot of my dreams). The way we slipped out was a little funny; the people who manned the front of the station created this “mobile police station in a housing apartment front” and were advertising in bright lights and yellow background. I also feel a need to mention that they did this as the ops on us was moving away.

THEN we left, with the mobile station moving with us (they were running with us). THe cover was that they were doing a roadshow or moving from place to place to offer security. One truck, many bikes. The two little girls had their own bikes.

Then we left. This time though, we had a destination.

Either Kaito or Cadoi City (the latter is a brand from the DS game the world ends with you). We had to get there to meet up with someone who would send us all back or something like that. From what I knew of the city, it was one of those bright, neon-light, never sleeps kind of city.

So we got off, and thankfully, the kids managed to keep up with us. The people whom I travelled with were:

Natsumi Tsujimoto (wanting to keep speeding all the way)
Miyuki Kobayakawa (in a pair with Ken Nakajima)
Ken Nakajima
Aoi Futaba and unnamed partner
Juanita Norin (my goddaughter in the stories I wrote)
Someone who looks suspiciously like Iris from Sakura Taisen, but something in my mind registered her as both Iris and not-Iris.

As we travelled, we somehow got this one, flashy guy to follow us. I can’t remember how, but I knew he was a cop who was usign his wealth to tune up the car and that we had to play nice to him so he wouldn’t call the rest of his buddies. As we reached an inn and stopped for food and refuelling, he asked us why we weren’t stopping and then said that Kaito/Cadoi was at least 2 days on a bike. We didn’t question him, but checked in. There was an unspoken agreement that we would leave in the dead of the night (I never actually saw day in this dream) to continue our journey, but when one of us went to check on the bikes, we discovered that the old innskeeper had this special alarm installed that would sound the moment we tried to take our bikes away.

Most of the cast had konked out by now, so we left them sleeping.

This gets fuzzier as I can’t really remember; around 7 something, we went to have breakfast and in the midst of waking everyone up, he told us that he knew who we were and what we were doing. Then he said it would be best if he followed us, implying that if he didn’t, we’d have the police on our hands fast. BAsically blackmailing la.

Juanita told me this and hung on to me when I woke her up, and so did the man himself when I went to wake the people in his room (guys mainly).

Then I woke up.

Now nursing headache. x_x