Kitchen Fun!

When it comes to food, I am often lazy. I like cooking but the effort often drains me, so I don’t usually cook. That said, when I do cook, it’s often on a binge, and I normally cook pasta, and other high carb dishes. Today’s was no exception. I made Onigiri (Japanese rice balls), with the filling being buttered mushrooms. However that didn’t quite work so I ended up making some with fillings, most without. The leftover fillings I mixed with the rice that fell out as I was making the rice balls. All in all, not bad. I learnt that you should always cook the filling before the rice, as the latter doesn’t take too long to cook.


1 and half cup of rice
4 button mushrooms, diced
Knob of butter
Salt water
Clean hands

Thinly slice and dice the mushrooms into tiny little pieces. Heat up skillet, melt butter and then fry the mushrooms till brown. The oil might jump, so take precautions not to get burned. When brown, take off fire and set aside.

Wash rice once and then pour in enough water to cover it up to about the first line on your forefinger from the rice’s surface. Put on stove and cook, keeping an eye on it. This can take anywhere from 3 minutes to eight, depending on how strong your fire is. As soon as the water has evaporated mostly, take it off the stove and set it to cool somewhere. The rice should still be a bit sticky but cooked. (This is the absorption method).

As rice is cooling (about 5-8 minutes) prepare a small bowl of water with salt in it. If you’re afraid of the heat like me, wash your hands with warm water, or water as hot as you can make it without scalding. When your hands are warm, you can begin! *Remember to set a plate for you to put the rice balls.

If you can take it, first mix the rice in the pot to loosen it. Then scoop some rice up directly from the pot and mould the rice into a ball. When it’s moulded as you like, put the ball in the plate and continue.

To add the filling, this is what I did: I took a small amount of rice, put it in my hand, put the filling on it, then another layer of rice on top. Then I moulded it again.

Once you’re done, if you’re impatient like me, throw the rice into the freezer for a maximum of 10 minutes to set. Otherwise, you can either eat it straight or leave it in the fridge to set or take to work next time.

Yosh! Eating time!