Amusing Pasts

I apologise for clogging up the RSS today, but this just couldn’t be helped.

Back when I first started college, I wrote a YuYu Hakusho-centric fic called “Awakening”, using whom would later evolve to be my own original characters, Naoko and Sukina. Or rather their first incarnations. Because I was following the Malay spelling (being able to read only the Malay mangas then), I spelled a certain character’s name with 2 u’s instead of 1 (this is a character of YYH, not any of the girls).

Canonically speaking though, Shura’s name is NOT spelled Shuura. You can see the difference, yes?

Well, out of sheer randomness I decided today to google the words “Shuura” and “Yuyu Hakusho”. The first that came up was a fanfic and I nearly missed it but for the snippet they used. It sounded vaguely familiar. Clicking on it nearly made me faint; it was my old fanfic.


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  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL Funny enough! XDDD I would love to have a read at that fanfic! XD

    Geinianeyes: Google it and tell me whether you get the same results. >D

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