Avoiding the flu

When it comes to immune systems, my brother’s system is stronger than mine, so I rarely fall sick unless he does. Most times, I crash out due to exhaustion, or fall sick because I was exhausted.

Which was the case last night.

Was actually sniffling by the time I came home yesterday and all I wanted to do was sleep, yet I found myself at the comp till about 8.30 and was kicked off the comp by a close friend. After that, I slept till my mom came home, woke up but didn’t answer her, and then went back to sleep.

And the next day (today), I’m awake at 6.30am and writing this entry. No more sniffling, feel a bit hungry cause I skipped dinner yesterday and my body tells me it’s been sweating the whole night. Not bad, actually for avoiding the flu.

And now, I shall bath. XD