Installing Pyroom for the Clueless

This is a test document to see how things go.

I should be asleep but here I am testing out a new software based on a StumbleUpon site. I actually wanted to write more and muse more, but as it is now 1.22am in the morning and I have spent at LEAST 3 hours looking for ways to install this, I shall do it in the morning.

On an interesting note, I may actually write a quick guide to installing Pyroom for Ubuntu users. Oh what the heck, I might as well write it now:

Installing Pyroom for the not-quite-geek-but-more-knowledgable-than-the-average-user

1. Download the Pyroom .tar.gz from the Pyroom Download Page. You’re looking at 0.2.deb Ubuntu/Debian Package if you’re Ubuntu.

1a. For everyone else, it’s the Source Package.

2. Double click on the completed folder when the download has finished and click “Install Package.” This can take anywhere from a minute to more if you’re on a slower computer.

3. Now, click on Applications > Office but DON’T click on Pyroom first! If you’re like me, you’d rather right-click and put the launcher on desktop. It’s your choice though.

4. ????

5. Profit!

Will write more about it later, time to sleep. Nite!