Bon Odori 2008!

Crossposted to LJ because I know some people would like their photos.

Album gallery is here. Commentary to follow. And for those who’d like to know, yes I am fine, I need to see the investigating officer on Monday morning (tomorrow) and hopefully this will be settled by then.

Alright! Commentary under the cut!

Normally when we head to Bon Odori, we go before 4, because although the gates only open at 5, getting parking after 5 is a bitch. When you come in early, this is what you will see:

Forgetting the no smoking sign, this place is always quiet before 5

My duty while these ladies went to change:

Leaving me behind! NOOOOOO!

Was to look after the Japanese Curry Zymz cooked!

The curry is better than it looks, and I know of at least ONE person who said it was very good! XD

To say the sky was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS is an understatement:

And once everyone had arrived… it was time to take pics of girls in Yukata!

Mintos in her pretty pretty new yukata! *O*

Michiko’s sister in hers eating Kaki Gouri, which is shaved ice with food colouring! XD

Mmmm... Shaved ice. Funny how it's the same colour as her yukata. XD

From right, Onii-chan Phil, mui mui Yukina, and Kayko!

And because I am lazy, check the rest out in the Gallery. This is my fave pic of the whole event:

This is just too cute!

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