Fever has broken… hooray?

At least, I think it has. The cloud of doom and exhaustion I’ve been feeling the past few days seems to have disappeared, and all I’m left is with this annoying cough. Funnily, I think it was the gargle that did it. I forgot to gargle the past few days and when my cough got bad this morning, I finally remembered to do so.

After the gargle, I couldn’t really sleep, so I stayed up, had breakfast and then meds, and went to bed angry with my dad for something he’d said earlier. Woke up from a very nice dream (me and him exploring Tokyo, I think, together, and staying in this cheap hotel that was really small and cramped but at least had lots of water stocked in the fridge with my parents suddenly deciding to stay there at the last minute and more or less dragged me away from him without them knowing he was there and I had to figure out a way to get back to him including finally activating my DiGi roaming yes dream makes no sense).

After said dream, I realised I felt MUCH better. More clear headed too.

I’ve got my second wind to run to Japan though. Now that I can actually feel and taste it. Time to move forward, with nothing holdin’ me back!