TM, Stop IT!

Most Malaysians in the Klang Valley yesterday would have probably faced this yesterday; a massive blackout that lasted for nearly 5 hours with no explanation forthcoming from TM. Individual reports suggest it began gradually as early as 2pm for some and as late as 5pm for others, but the symptoms were the same: No sites could be accessed, or if they could, it seemed that the pages loaded partially. This applied for pages both within and without Malaysia.

This was not just confined to the Klang Valley, but spread throughout Malaysia. There are some reports coming in via Low Yat’s forums too, so I think there was an unusual spike yesterday. Calling TM was an exercise in futility; the line just went dead after trying to reach their Internet Technical Assistance extension.

I know of at least ONE couple who had difficulties communicating because HER connection was sucky. I do know that bad connection over the past few weeks has stopped me communicating more effectively with my webmaster, simply because the line just SUCKED. His line, sadly enough.

The best part of all? TM will act as though nothing happened. They will never admit that there is a problem with their line and they will never reveal the cause of it. The saddest part of all? Their poor foot soldiers who signed up for the pay and the ability to use the comp to surf at work will be the ones listening to customers frustrated with management’s refusal to listen.