Letters from a College Teacher

A fellow Wrimo-an (Nanowrimo Citizen- yes there are a number of us who DO participate in this wonderful madness) had this to share about the group of 18-19 kids (mainly foreign students) in her English class (she’s now a teacher). I’ve reprinted it with her permission:

Asked to make a sentence with the word ‘bold’:
She was a bold and fearless mountain.

Asked to make a sentence with the word ‘innate’:
Its innate to see the birds on the tree.

Asked to make a sentence with the word ‘self-centredness’:
Self-centredness is not good mind.

Asked to make a sentence with the word ‘psychologist’:
Almost psychologists have surveyed that our cleverness is 10% that comes from birth.

Asked to make a sentence with the word ‘rebellious’:
Some peoples did have a good behaviour they are always became a rebellious persons.

…And this is after I had gone over the words with them and explained the meaning. The words had been extracted from an article which had been given to them and read and discussed in class.

This of course, is followed by more madness:

From an essay on whether X-rated movies should be banned on television:

“Meaning of X-rated is some interaction activities that related with sperm and ovul to attach on the egg and diffuse in to become a zygote which is call sex.”

From an essay on whether Earth is being damaged by human activity:

“In this century the world has become a better place, but els there are a disadvantages that we have noticed as a result of this progress during this time such as the ozon lyric has a leek in Australia which coused by the products that have been produced.”

On whether high-tech equipment makes extreme sports less dangerous:

“Eventhough the development of high-tech equipment make extreme sport less dangerous, but it also has the certain of dangerous might be happen.”

Hope this makes your day! XD

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  1. DAng! Even my foreign classmates don’t write like that. This is funny. But it’s wrong to laugh at people’s imcompatibility in english..

    Geminianeyes: True also, but I still can’t help being amused.

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