Complusory reading? Hell yeah!

While helping out a friend with an assignment, I came across a friend whose acquaintance I’d met courtesy of [Raz] last year. Battle Royale by Koushun Takami is the friend he introduced.

“Do you really think rock has that kind of power?”

Shuya nodded enthusiatically. “Of course it does.”

Shogo stared at Shuya and looked away. “I don’t know. It might just serve as an outlet for our frustrations, a way to let off steam. It might be banned, but if you really want to listen to rock, you can. So it serves as an outlet.”

Battle Royale, Page 247, Koushun Takami

I’m not quoting the whole book, but just that one passage was enough to stop and make me think. And then I looked not at Japan, where the idea originated from, but from my own country. A country that’s become docile.

And I fear her. And I fear FOR her.

2 thoughts on “Complusory reading? Hell yeah!”

  1. I don’t get who you meant or what you meant.

    Do you mean that friend is a book? or a person which is a she? and if so who is she?

    Geminianeyes: Clarified. Sorry about that.

  2. journeyofadreamer

    So is this for college or what? If it’s for high school, yes, I fear her and FOR her and everyone else who reads that book.

    Geminianeyes: For everyone. Her refers to Malaysia, in this case. The paragraph was an excerpt.

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