Copywriters strike back!

Just when you thought it was safe to be silly after this gem

Today’s Gems:

Chris: I wanna mould 8-Ball Man. Rest of us just laugh
Chris: What’s so funny? 8 Ball Man? Cue stronger laughter
Chris: *Realises* Ho shit 8 Ball Man! Ok, better not say it anymore.

-Few minutes later-

Chris: It’s just a guy on top of an 8-ball.
Us: *ROFL*
Chris: You guys spend too much time in the gutter.
[Grayfox]: No, you are too near the gutter, all you need is a good push.

Mike: *Upon his return and being told about the 8 Ball* Why 8 Ball? So many holes is it?

*Notes to self: I need to spend less time in the gutter.

In case you’re wondering? This is the “man” we’re talking about:

He\'s very flexible.

He's very flexible.

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