Signs of a fangirl obsession

I blame this one SOLELY on [Luc]. She managed to infect me with her Odin Sphere fandom, and I must say:

I’m tempted to get the PS2 just for that game. I love the gameplay. The character development itself is enchanting. Doesn’t help though, that one of the playable characters really remind me of Haseo from .hack// GU.

In any case, here’s the ultimate sign that I’m really into the fandom: I want to produce FSTs for them AND the monthly themes. Just. Fit.

*Looks at [Luc]*

3 thoughts on “Signs of a fangirl obsession”

  1. The question is…will you be IN the fandom after say, two-three months? :O

    Geminianeyes: I don’t usually fall out a fandom that easily. 😛

  2. I hope so. I’ll probably fall out for a bit, rediscover the fandom come December and RAVE about it all through CF. :Db

    Geminianeyes: YOSH! We has plan now! XD

  3. Kinda love the gameplay, and the story is quite interesting too.

    Geminianeyes: So… cosplay with me? And we play the game together also? *Wibbles*

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