In dreams, Communist becomes you!

*Waves a flag blearily*

Morning! Today’s recap of dreaming me is not as long as my last one. I have no idea what prompted this dream, and I invite you all to decipher it.

Dream goes:

First, was supposed to be discussing something or rather, but instead I was wandering around town at 4am in the morning looking for breakfast. As I drove, I saw people renovating their houses and I had weird thoughts about parquet floors and painted walls.

I did not expect the breakfast shop to be so packed when I reached it. It was basiaclly your typical Chinese roadside food stall, complete with chairs and tables on the road, but no one seemed to mind. At 4am, it was very packed. As I looked for a place to order my food, I saw people from TOA (The One Academy) there. I didn’t know them very well, so I sat by myself a table or so down, even though I wanted the company.

Suddenly in the midst of eating a whole bunch of students and I think one of their lecturers descended on my table and started talking politics (I think it was they decided to share tables or something). As they talked, I kept quiet until one of them was talking about something I knew (and yes, this meant I was quiet for nearly ten minutes I think- Hot mee soup is hot). First the well-dressed, typical-looking rich lady sitting next to me answered, then I interjected.

After that I had to go to “work” and it consisted of monitoring this guy I know who had superpower skills. I can’t remember what it was, but I know it was very useful on the field of war. It was then that I realised we were living in a Communist country.

Sometime later, when he was doing some artillery drills, the sergeant monitoring the artillery was screaming at the reloader. I walked over and looked at the reloader and thought it was my friend, who had changed into the technicians’ clothes for a lark. I kept telling the sergeant to look carefully at the reloader’s face instead of just screaming, but he would have none of it.

A few minutes later he did look at the man’s face, which turned out to be a normal man, while my friend appeared behind him to laugh. As the sergeant “promised” the overworked tech that he could have a 10 minute break, we did not give him (the sergeant) a chance to rescind the offer.

On his break, the tech knew both me and my friend were higher-ups than the petty sergeant. He asked us for help in approving his leave and allowing him to take his furniture with him on his trip if he could not get a room. I approved it, but warned him that it was still subject to the main board’s approval.

Then I woke up. *Yawns*

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