Laying off the geek factor

I had the most random nightmare this morning:

Kuro only had 10mb free space left in his hard disk. T_T

Thank goodness it was only a dream.

2 thoughts on “Laying off the geek factor”

  1. The computer wouldnt EVEN start up if that happened.

    Geminianeyes: I dreamt that my comp was already switched on and something I downloaded killed my space. I distinctly remember thinking that it couldn’t be I had such little space left; the latest files I was downloading were only 6 gigs in total.

  2. …I would panic if I was downloading a 6 gig file IRL. 8D

    This is what happens when your CD burner doesn’t work.

    Geminianeyes: LOL. I can feel the pain. Wouldn’t have done that on Verita last time, but Kuro has more space to keep my stuff, so… 😀

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