5AM Dreams

Our world was either under attack or about to be destroyed. People had been mobilised to defend it, but in the end they thought the best solution was just to send everyone away to another world/place. The doorway through this place was via a large underground tunnel; people literally descended through this staircase and went through a stone door to get to the other world.

I was among those who was to fight and delay our enemies/something from following us. I remember having fought (in a weird 2D kind of way with a game variation of Super Mario) and then being informed that I was to be moved with the rest of the civilians after most of the Earth’s population had been moved. As I did, I went back to get something, but I didn’t find it. At the top of the stairs, I saw some people leading ogers/giants to us, wanting to take them away from the dying planet to. I remember standing under these giants and not getting squished. Then I ran.

At the door, I wanted to ask them (the authorities) about the giant, but instead I was hurried away. The guy who took me and my cousin sis to the ops room to report to ourleader got lost in what was essentially a typical office but with lots of doors. After a quick talk with the officer, I was sent on a one-day erst and told to be ready to move again the next day. Apparently the giants were part of the threat and this world wasn’t suitable. In fact, the world was some sort of pararell abandoined reality of our own current world.

Out on a quick drive or something with my parents, dad’s car broke down and he complained about the radiator not working. Mom said she’d asked him to take him to the mechanic but he didn’t want to, and now it was too late. Somehow or other, as we were about to head to lunch, there was a large roar and the giants came out of a sidestreet down the road from us and turned down the street, heading away from us into something else. I don’t know why they didn’t see or didn’t want to see us, but I remember walking into a restaurant and telling people that the giants were there. Most people quickly packed up and leave. My family on the other hand, were eating quickly, as we were hungry and part of the fighting force, so we knew we wouldn’t be part of the evacuation yet.

I had wondered why the weapons we had would/wouldn’t suffice against the enemy. The weirdest thing of all; my mobile phone worked even though I didn’t know whether or not the network had been setup. I sent a message to him telling that the giants had been spotted near my area, I don’t remember if I go a reply.

I woke up after that thought crossed my head.

I should actually have been suspiciuos because dad’s a pretty good driver andcar person; he doesn’t delay taking his car to the mechanic’s. I think I should be suspicious when mom says she and dad were using moisturiser to keep the car from overheating. And yeah, this is one of my more WTF dreams. *Sleeps more*