TESOL Research

Ok, I’m just going through Google and random sites, but so far the only recommendation from a college I’ve heard of is Brickfields College offering TESOL.

I have 2 questions:

-Is their course recognised internationally?

– Are there any other alternatives?

Alternatives (checklist for myself, please comment) Thanks Ezel for the help!

Unitar seems to have it as a major, but it would seem as it’s a full course to be a teacher rather than just the certification.

Then there’s also the University of Nottingham’s Masters in TESOL. If I take this, it’ll be a one-year full time programme (Personally, I refuse to divide my time between work and study; it wouldn’t be fair to my employers and myself).

UM’s also got an interesting course, but it reads as just a Masters. Does it have any relations to TESOL?